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Full text of "Roscommon soldiers who died in World War I : from the regiments of the Connaught Rangers, Royal Irish Rifles, Princess Victoria['s] Royal Irish Fusiliers"

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World War 1 

The coiienceient of Morld Mar 1 Mas declared on the 28 July 1914 but 
Great Britain's decision to aobilize was kept in abeyance until the 
4th Aug 1914 when they joined France, Russia and Serbia, the war 
continued until June 23, 1919, with the official signing of the 
Treaty at Versailles, (Britain off icially declared that the war was 
over on 31 August 1921). This Har is often referred to as The Great 
Mar of 1914 to 1919. 

Whilst one cannot go into the details of the war in a publication 
such as this, one can record the nunber of people involved. The 
British Etpire tobilised 9,000,00 (len and woiien, of whoi 1,114,804 
were killed and nearly 2,000,000 wounded. Of these 584,994 have 
indentified burials and creiiations and 529,808 have no known grave. 

Hany Irish Regiients were involved in this war and , like other 
regiments, suffered many injured and dead. In this, the first of our 
Military Series of publications, we deal with three Regittients 
involved in this war. 

The points of enlistaent for the arisy for Roscontton residents at this 
tiie were - Athlone, Boyle, Longford, Ballinasloe, Oranmore, 
Castlerea, Strokestown and Birr. He have included the nases of those 
enlisted at these points, soie of whoi nay not be County RoscosiDon 
residents, but others, because of Union, postal or other boundaries 
were technically resident within the County. 

Shortly after the end of the War, Her Majesty's Stationery Office 
issued an official publication listing. 

Officers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919, 

e record of 39,000 officers who gave their lives in the mr. This was fol lowed 

in 1921 by Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919, 

which was produced in eighty parts bound into seventy-five 

voluies and records the nases of about 667,000 names. It is froi the 

latter publication that we have extracted the following entries. 

Each entry shows the full naie of the soldier, place of birth (b.), 
place of enlistient fe.l, place of residence if different froi that 

of enlistment ( ), his amy nusber, rank (Pte=Priv3te etc.,), 

how they died, place of death (F ?< F = France J( Flanders, including 
Italy), date of death. 

There are 15,000 burial places and meiorials containing or recording 
the dead of the First World Har. The Coiaonwealth War Graves 
Coitission sre responsible for the care of graves of all leibers of 
the ieperial forces ' who died froa wounds inflicted, accident 
occurring or disease contracted, while on active service whether on 
sea or landV (The Coiaission was established by Royal Charter in Hay 
1917 and supplesented by one in 1964). Registers have been published 
for nost cemeteries or iesorials, although it is a lajor task to 
pursue a naie,(they are in alphabetical order) you have to consider 
the fact that in the case of France and Flanders there are 22 «i3Jor 
memorials and 2,300 ceneteries involving 725,000 dead. Having found 
the cemetery the Cosmission produce maps to locate a particular 
cemetery and which, if you wish, you can visit ( The British Legion 
yearly arrange visits to the major cemeteries and aemorials, c/f back 
page for address) . 


Abbrev. b-born, e-to»»n of enlist, Rfn-rifleaan^ F It F -France and 
Flanders (including Italy), Date of death 0.0.19??, ( ) = place 
of abode if different froi place of birth, 


1st Batt- 

BOLAND ThoMS b.Strokestonn. e. Birkenhead (Bradford, Yorks), 

7277, Rfn, Killed in action, F I F, 9.5.1915 
BftOMNE Richard b.Sligo, e.Boyle, 1401, Rfn. Killed in action, F 

ti F, 23.10.191i 
CUNNIFFE Hichael....b.Athlone, e^Belfast, 8553, Rfn, Killed in 

action, F t F, 9.5. 1915 
FITZHAURICE Patrick. b.Derryhoe, Co.Roscoiion, e. Altrinchai, Cheshire, 

2775, L/Cpl. Killed in action, F i F, 12.10.1916. 
HUGHES Hi chael b.Castlerea, Co.RoscoMon, ejanchester, 

(Ballyaacurley, Co.Roscoiion), 8476, Rfn, Died of 

Hounds, F J( F, 6.8.1916. 
HcNELLA Patrick b.RoscoMon, e. Longton, Staffordshire, (Lough 

Blynn, Co.RoscoMon), 2981, Rfn, Died of wounds, 

F i F, 13.9.1915 

2nd Batt 

HACFARLANE Robert Cunninghai 

b. Melbourne, Australia, e.London, (North 

Freetantle, H.Aust), 8400, Sgt, Killed in action, 
F & F, 25.10.1914. 

3rd and 4th Batt no losses 

7th Batt 

FOLEY John b.Sligo, e. Boyle, (Sligo), 6568, Rfn, Died of 

wounds, F li F, 18.4. 191&. 
HAHER Hichael John.b.Ballyiaward, Co.Galxay, e^Holborn, Middlesex, 

(Ballinasloe), 8830, Rfn, Killed in Action, F fe F, 

WYNNE Oxen b.Kilronan, Co.Roscowon, e.Cavan, (Airgna, 

Co.Leitri«), 4844, Rfn, Killed in action, F It F, 


8th to 13th Batt no losses 

14th Batt 

HULLEADY Patrick... b.Killoe,Co.Longford, e. Longford, 5485, Rfn, 
Killed in action, F i F, 24.3.18. 

1st Garrison Batt 

HATERS Thoaas b. Boyle, Co.Roscouon, e. Boyle, 609, Rfn, died 

India, 13.6. 1917. ..forierly 204, Connaught 

3rd (Res) Garrison Batt 

HEALY Hilliai.B b.Strokestown, e.Strokestown, G1516, Pte, died 

bote, 21.10.1917....forierly 4647 Connaught 


1st Batt 

BEIRNE Jaies Patrick 

b.Ballyfarnai, Co.Roscotion, e.Boyle, 9934. 

Died India, 12.4.1916 
BYRNE Thoias b.Castlerea, e,Balway, (Castlerea), 9411, Pte, 

Killed in action, F Ir F, 23.11.1914. 
CASEY Michael b.Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe) 

8728, Pte, Died of Hounds, F i F, 29.4.1915. 
CAULEY Tiiothy b.Ballinasloe, e.Ballina5loe,3818, Pte, Killed 

in action, F I F, 1.6.1915. 
CAULEY John b.Ballinasloe, B.Ballinasloe, 8838. Pte,, 

Killed in action, F i F, 2.11.1914. 
CONNOR Michael b. Boyle, e.Boyle, (Rochdale), 4585, Pte, Died 

Egypt, 23.10.1918. 
CONNIFFE Michael b.Athlone, e.Athlone, (Athlone), 6588, Pte, 

Killed in action, Killed in action, 

Mesopotasia, 18.4.1916. 
DODD John..... b. Boyle, e.Boyle, (Boyle), 8988, Pte, Died 

DOLAM JOHN B. Moore, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe) , 5632, 

Pte, Died Mesopotaiia. 15.8.1916. 

DUFFY Joseph b.Athlone, e.SaI«ay, (Athlone), 9901, Pte, 

Killed in action, F i F, 19.3.1915. 
FARRELL Patrick b.Athlone, e.SlasgoM, (Dublin), 7951, L/Cpl, 

Died of Nounds hoie, 21.7.1915. 
HANNON Peter b.RoscoMon, e.Birr, (Portu«na),9445, Pte, Died 

of wounds Mesopotaaia, 29.1.1916. 
HEAIY John b.Creagh, e.Oraniore, (Ballinasloe), 2919, 

L/Cpl,Died Hesopotaiia, 2.6.1916. 
HIG6INS Thoias b.Roscoiion, e.Salway, (Roscotton), 4187, Pte, 

Died of wounds Hesopotaiia, 22.3.1916. 
HILLARY Francis b. Ballinasloe, e. Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 

8790, Pte, Died wounds Mesopotaiia, 1.2.1916. 
HOAR Patrick b.Roscoiion, e.Roscoiion, (Roscoaaon), 4346, 

Pte, Killed in action, F i F, 26.4.1915. 
HUDSON Hilliaa b.Roscoaaon, e. Boyle, (Rosco«Mion),4430, Pte, 

Killed in action. F i F, 26.4.1915. 
JARRETT Henry b.Athlone, e.Oranaore, 9995, Pte, Died Egypt, 

KEANE Michael b.Ballaghadereen, Co.Roscoaaon, e. Sheffield, 

(Sheffield), 5407, L/Cpl, Died Mesopotaaia, 

2.7.1916. . 
KEANE Michael b, Boyle, e.Mohill, (Boyle), 7621, L/Sgt, Died 

of "pounds, F !r F, 30.10.1914. 
KEELY Martin B. Ballinasloe, e. Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 

6652, Died India, 17.8.1914. 
KEI6HREY John b. Ballinasloe, e. Oranaore, (Ballinasloe), 

3087, Pte, Killed in action, Hesopotaaia, 

KELLY Jaaes b.Roscoaaon, e.Iverkeithinq, (Ballyhaunis), 

6384, Pte, Died Mesopotaaia, 20.8.1916. 

KENNY Michael b.Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe, 

10243, Pte, Died Nounds, Mesopotaaia 21.1.1917 
HcLOUBHLIN ? n.s b.Athlone, e.Athlone, (Athlone) ,7li2, Cpl, 

Killed in action, F !< F, 23.11.1914. 
McNeill Martin b.Castlerea, Co.Rosco/mon, e. Manchester, 

(Manchester), 5971, Pte, Died of wounds, . 

Mesopotaiia, 22.4.1916. 
MANNION Jafes b.Castlerea, e. Manchester, (Manchester), 6274, 

Pte, Killed in action, Mesopotaiia, 13.7.1917. 
MONAHAN Thoias b.Athlone, e.Ballinasloe, (Athlone) , 6788, 

Pte, Killed in action, F i F, 3.6.1915. 
MURPHY Donald b.Athlone, e.SalKay, (Athlone), 10175, Cpl, 

Killed in action, Mesopotaiia, 21.1.1916. 
MURPHY Patrick b. Boyle, e.Oraniore, (Boyle), 3359, Pte, Died 

Mesopotaiia, 6.5.1916. 

MURRAY Patrick b. Boyle, e. Boyle, (Boyle), 9911, Pte, Killed 

^ in action Mesopotaiia, 11.3.1916. 

POHER Patrick b.Athlone, e.Athlone, (Athlone), 6858, Pte, 

Killed in action, Mesopotaiia. 13.4.1916. 
ROCHFORD Hilliai b.Roscoiniion, e.Castlerea, (Castlerea), 6535, 

Pte, Died Mesopotaaia, 7.6.1916. 
ROGERS Henry b.Elphin, e.Ballinasloe, (RoscomBon!), 9630, 

Pte, Killed in action, F i F, 22.10.1914. 
TI6HE Terence b.Athlone, e.Athlone, (Athlone), 5036, Pte, 

Killed in action, F & F 26.4.1915. 
HARD Bernard b.Ballinasloe, e.Oraniore, (Ballinasloe), 3103, 

Pte, Died of Hounds, Mesopotaiia, 27.1.1916. 
HARD Martin b. Roscoiion, e. Tuai, (Tuai), 10112, Pte, Died 

of Mounds, Mesopotaiia, 17.1.1917. 

WYNNE Thoias b. Boyle, e. Boyle, (Boyle), 7779. Pte, Killed in 

action, F % F, 26.4.1915. 

2nd BATT 

ABBOT Michael b.Athlone, e.Athlone, (Lecarrow, Co.Roscosion), 

7595, Pte, Killed in action, F i F, 21.12.1914. 
BANKS Nilliai b.Athlone, e.Oraniore, (Athlone), 3144, Sgt, 

Killed in action, F & F, 24.10.1914. 
BEIRNE Michael b.Elphin, e. Boyle, (Elphin), 4202, Pte, Killed 

in action, F tt F, 29.10.1914. 
BRADY Hilliai b.Athlone, e.Athlone, (Athlone), 7090, Pte, 

Killed in action, F & F, 8.11.1914. 
BREEN Peter b. Passage, Co. Cork, e.Tuat, (Boyle, 

Co.RoscoMon), 4766, Pte, Died of wounds, F & 

F, 8.11.1914. 

BURKE Joseph b.Pallinasloe, e— -^ (Ballinasloe), 10811, Pte, 

Killed in action, F fc F, 14.11.1914. 

BURLACE Thoias b.Athlone, e.Oraniore, (Athlone), 4335, Pte, 

Died. F i F, 9.12.1914. 

BYRNE Patrick b.Castlerea, e.Galway, (Roscrea, Co.Tipperary), 

6574, Sgt, Killed in action, F I F, 19.9.1914. 
CLARKE Hilliai Joseph 

b.Athlone, e Galway, (Manorhasilton, Co.Leitrii), 

7259, Cpl, Killed in action, F V F, 29.10.1914. 

CONNEL Michael b.Pallinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, 4475, Pte, Killed 

:■, in action, F I F, 8.11.1914. 

^'' CONNER Jaies b. Boyle, e.Boyle, (Boyle), 3173, Pte, Killed in 

^ action, F t F, 1.11.1914. 


McKAY Killiai b.Grainge, Co.Roscoiiion, e. Boyle, (Boyle), 2941, 

Died wounds, F i F, 11.10.1918. CpJ. 
MONAGHAN Edward b.Athlone, e Galway, (Athlone), 5218, Pte, Killed 

in action Salonika, 7,12. 1915. 
MORRIS Patrick b.Castlerea, e. Boyle, (Portarlinqton) , 10092, 

Pte, Killed in action Salonika, 7.12,1915. 
PATE Edward b.Athlone, e. Boyle, (Athlone), 4128, Pte, Died 

Salonika, 20.1.1916. 
SCANLON John b.Athlone, e. Athlone, (Hrexhan), 966, Pte, Killed 

in action Ballopoli, 21.8.1915. 
6th Batt 
BARLOW Thoias b.Westfleath, e. Athlone, (Athlone), 6608, Pte, 

Killed in action F i F, 21,3.1918. 
BROHNE Joseph b.Ballinasloe, e. Athlone, (Athlone), 7145, Pte, 

Killed in action, F i F, 5.9.1916. 
CURLEY Michael b.Athlone, e. Ballinasloe, (Athlone), 7261, Sqt, 

Died of wounds, F I F, 3.8.1917. 
DORAN Patrick b. Dublin, e, Athlone, (Athlone), 13001, Pte, 

Killed in action, F fi F, 2!.3.I'^19 
FAHEY Thoias b.Elphin, e. Boyle, (Corbally, Co.Roscofflmon) , 

5731, Pte, Killed in action, F .V F. 19.2.1917. 
FOLEY Thoias b.Castlerea, e. Leeds, 1327, Pte, Died of wounds, 

F i F, 10.9.1916. 
GALLAGHER John b.Athleague, Co.Roscoiion, e.Roscouaon, 

(Athlone), 6604, Pte, Killed in action, F i F, 

GOLDEN Denis b.Athlone, e. Athlone, (Athlone), 922. Pte. Killed 

in action, F i F, 3.9.1916. 

HANLON Patrick b. Dublin, e. Ballinasloe, (Athlone), 4647, Pte, 

Killed in action, F t F. 2l.3.1''i9. 

KEANE John.B b.Athlone , e.Galway, (Athlone), 4648, Pte, 

Killed in action, F \i F, 3.9.1916. 
KELLY Patrick b.Ro5CO«)»on, e. Boyle, (Ro5co(i«on),.4576, Pte, 

Killed in action, F k F, 22.6.1916. 
KILKENNY John b.Athlone, e. Ballinasloe, (Athlone), 6769, Pte, 

Killed in action, F !< F, 9.1.1917. 
NORAN Albert l1yle5..b.Kilkeeran, Co.Ro5COflnion, e.Castlerea, 

(Castlerea), 4650, Pte, Killed in action, F ?< F, 

MURPHY John b.Athlone, e. Ballinasloe, (Athlone) , 7072, 

L/Sqt, Killed in action, F i F, 16.3.1917. 
MURPHY John Patrick. b Boyle , e. Llanelly, (Sliqo), 6787, Pte, Killed 

in action, F J. F, 3.9.1916. 
POLAND Patrick b. Ballinasloe, e. Galway, (Ballinasloe), 10876, 

Pte, Killed in action, F .V F, 21.3.1918. 
REILLY Arthur b.Athlone, e, Ballinasloe (Balbrigqan, Co. Dublin), 

2973, Pte, Died, F i F, 14.1.1913. 
REILLI Patrick b. Dublin, e. Ballinasloe, (Athlone), ,5393, Cpl, 

Died of wounds, F '< F, 3.3.1917. 
REILLY Thomas b. Ballinasloe, e, Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 

i204, Cpl, Killed in action, F ^ F, 7.3.1917. 
ROBINSOV •iUia«....b.Rn5coa;TtDn, e. Manchester, (Manchester), 609(^ 

Pte, KillEQ in action, F i F, 21.3.1913. 
SMITH John b. St. Peters, Co. iJestaeath ?- Ballinasloe 

(Athlone), 4654, Pte, Killed in actior, F k F, 



1st Batt 

BOYLE Henry b. Belfast, e.Cavan, (Castlerea, Co.Ro5co«i8on) , 

10309, Pte, Killed in action, F k F, 19.10.1914. 
CONNOLLY George.... b.Frenchpark, e. Boyle, (Frenchpark), 40091, Pte, 

Killed in action, F 4 F, 11.4.1917. 
COSTELLO Edward.... b.Roscotaon, e-Leeds, (Roscouion), 10588, Pte, 

Killed in action, F i F 12.10.1916 
DONAGHY Henry b.Athlone, e.PortadoHn, 10509, Pte, Killed in 

action, F i F, 12.10.19U. 

2nd Batt 

DAVIS Hichael b. Castlerea, Co.Roscosion, e, Castlerea, 2tG?7, 

Pte, Killed in action, Egypt, 20.9.1913, .foraerly 

\ , 4631 Connaught Rangers. 

SCANLON Thoias b. Boyle, Co.Roscoaion, e. Glasgow, (Sligo), v576, 

Pte, Killed in action, F h F. 3.4.1915. 

5th Batt 

COFFEY Bernard b.Athlone, e. 'Wakefield, Yorkshire, (Athlone), 

11378, L/Cpl. Killed in action, Sallipoli, 

FLAHERTY Jaies b.Athlone, e. Waterford, (Belfast), 19823, Pte, 

died Egypt, 19.3.1918. 

.i»th Batt 

DONELAN Patrick. ...b.Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, 16786, Pte, Killed 
in action, Sallipoli, 15.8. 1915. ..forierly 821, 
Connaught Rangers. 

7th Bat 

DONELAN John Arthur. b. St. Michaels, Co.GaUay, e.Athlone, 

(Ballinasloe) 23570, Pte, Killed in action, F i 

F, 24.8.1916. 
HARRISON Joseph b. Dublin, e Boyle, 43164, Pte, Killed in action, 

F k F. 5.9. 1916. .Forierly 4547, Connaught 

HARRISON Joseph b. Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, 16811, Pte, Died of 

Hounds, F k F, 26.9.1916. 

7/8th Batt 

CAMPBELL Joseph b.Roscoison, s. Gal nay, (Roscoison), 43087, Pte, 

Died of rounds, F i F.ll. 12. 1916. . .forserly 5371, 

Connaught Rangers. 
SWEENEY Patrick b.Athlone, e. Ballinasloe, (Athlone), 16729, Pte, 

Killed in action, F !< F, 17,9. 1917.. fc-iErl/ 

1294, Connaught Rangers. 

9th Batt 

PATTERSON Richard. S,G. 

..b. Boyle, e.Portadown, Co.Ariagh, (Richill, 

Armagh), 14596, Pte, F k F, 16.8.1917. 

CONROY Hichael B.Boyle, e.Boyle, (Boyle), 4537, Pte, Died of 

wounds, F i F, 10.12.1914. 
CURRAN Joseph b.Elphin, e.Clareaorris, (Coventry), 7379, Pte, 

Killed in action, F i F , 5.11.1914. 
DALBY Michael Jates.b.Castlerea, e.Castlerea, (Castlerea), 10867, 

L/Cpl, Killed in action, F i F, 5.11.1914. 
DALY John b. Boyle, e.Boyle, (Boyle), 10540, Pte, Killed in 

action, F I F, 26.8.1914. 
DOLAN John.. b.GalloHstoMn, Co.Roscoiion, e. Ballinasloe, 

3547, Pte, Killed in action, F I F, 27.10.1914. 
OONLAN Patrick b. Ballinasloe, e. Ballinasloe, 4529, Killed in 

action, F i F, 23.10.1914. 
DOYLE John b.Athlone, e. Oranwre, (Tullaiore K.C), 2864, 

Cpl, Killed in action, F i F, 30.10.1914. 
DURKIN Hichael b. Boyle, e Draniiore, (Boyle), 3125, Pte, Died of 

wounds, F t< F, 27.10.1914. 
FAHEY Michael b.Ballinasloe, e.Cork, 7155, Pte, Killed in 

action, F It F, 21.9.1914. 
GRADY Milliaa b.Kiltoier, e. Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 10936, 

Pte, Died of wounds, F J. F, 19. 11. 1914. 
GRAHAM Joseph b.Galway, e.Orannore, (Athlone), 2488, Sgt, 

Killed in action, F i F, 13.11.1914. 
GRIFFIN John b.Ballinasloe, e.Orannore, (Ballinasloe), 3866, 

Pte, Killed in action, F & F, 7.11.1914. 
HEALY Jaies b.Strokestown, e. Oraniore, (strokestown), 3804, 

Killed in action, F i F, 2.11.1914. 
HOLIAN John b.Roscoiaon, e. Athlone^ (Roscoanon), 4283, Pte, 

Died of wounds, F i F, 2.11.1914. 
KANE Edward b. Boyle, e.Boyle, (Sligo), 4360, Pte, Killed in 

action, F k F, 6.12.1914. 

KAVANAGH Joseph. .. .b.Athlone, e.Ballinasloe, (Glasgon), 4249, Pte, 

Killed in action, F J< F, 24.10.1914. 
KEANE Michael b. Boyle, e.Hohill, (Boyle), 7i21, L/Sgt, Died of 

wounds, F I F, 30.10.1914. 
KELLY Hartin b.Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 

4312, Pte, Killed in action, F k F, 3.11.1914. 
KE06H Hichael b. Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 

3894, Killed in action, F k F, 2,11.1914. 
LENNON Patrick b.Athlone, e.Athlone, (Athlone), 3763, Pte, 

Killed in action, F l F, 18.11.1914. 
LYONS Milliaa b.Athlone, e.Oraniore, 3166, Pte, Killed in 

action, F It F, 14.9.1914. 
HcGRATH Thoias B.Boyle, e Oraniore, (Boyle), 2888, Killed in 

action, F I F, 11.11.1914. 
MADDEN Patrick b. Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe) 3586, 

Pte, Killed in action, F i F, 22.10.1914. 
MILLS Thoias b.Athlone, e. Boyle, (Oldhan), 4392, Died of 

wounds, F t F, 30.10.1914. 
MOLLOY Michael b. Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe) 7277, 

Died of wounds, F & F, 4.9.1914. 

NORTON Jaies b.Athlone, e.Athlone, (Athlone) 4319, Pte, 

Killed in action, F i F, 14.9.1914. 

NUGENT Thoaas b.Auqhrio, e. Ballinasloe , (Ballinasloe), 8599, 

Pte, Killed in action, F ?< F, 6.11.1914. 

SCALLY Michael b. Boyle, e.Oranaore, (Dublin), 2481, Pte, 

Killed in action, F h F, 11.10.1914 

SMALL John.: b. Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe, (Rochdale), 6994, 

Pte, Killed in action, F I F, 8.11.1914. 

SHEENEY P b.Athlone, e. Mount Teaple, (Athlone), 8055, 

Pte, Killed in action, F I F, 25.8.1914. 

HARD Bernard B.Strokestown, e.StrokestoHn, (Castlerea), 4578, 

Pte, Killed in action, F k F, 8.11.1914. 

3rd Batt 

CASEY Patrick b,Ballinasloe, e. Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 

4247, Pte, Died hote, 2.2.1915. 
KEI6HREV Hichael b. Ballinasloe, e. Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 

32015, Pte, Died hoie, 12.11.1918. 
KELLY Thoias b. Ballinasloe, e. Orantore, (Ballinasloe), 309S, 

Sgt, Died hoie, 25.12.1914. 

4th Batt 

REYNOLDS Jaies b. Boyle, e. Boyle, 5784, Pte, Died hoiie, 


5th Batt 

BURNS Thoias... b. Ballinasloe, e. Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 

705, Sgt, Killed in action, Gallipoli, 

CONLOM Hichael b. Boyle, e. Boyle, 990, Pte^, Died wounds, 

Gallopoli, 22.8.1915. 
CONNELL Stephen b. Ballinasloe, e. Salway, (Ballinasloe), 4077, 

Pte, Died Salonika, 27.10.1915. 
CUMMINS John... b. Ballinasloe, e Oransore, (Ballinasloe), 3550, 

Killed iri action, F i F, 10.10.1918. 
CURLEY John b.Athlone, e. Ballinasloe, (Athlone), 9262, Pte, 

Died Salonika, 8.9.1916. 
DANIELS Thoias b. Boston. Mass, e^Cloniell, Co.Tipperary, 15251, 

Pte, Died F tt F, 11. 10.1918. ..forierly 10350 

Leinster Reqt. 

DARCEV Michael b.Castlerea, e.Castlerea, (Castlerea), 5404, 

Pte, Killed in action Salonika, 7.12.1915. 
DODD Milliai b. Boyle, e.Boyle, (Boyle), 4599, Killed in 

action Egypt, 10.3.1918. 
D0WLIN6 Edward b.Athlone, e. Galway, (Athlone, 823, L/Cpl, Died 

of wounds, Sallopoli, li.9.1915. 
GOLD — ? Patrick. ...b.Tuat, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 5790, Pte, 

Died of wounds, F i F, 9.11.1918. 
6RADY Joseph b. Boyle, e.Oranaore, (Boyle), 3423, L/Sgt, 

Killed in action Salonika, 7.12.1915. 
HI6BINS Bartley b. Boyle, e Boyle, (Boyle), 3745, Pte, Died of 

wounds Ballipoli, 23.8.1915. 
HIGGINS Hark b. Ballinasloe, e.Clydbank, (Belfast), 474, 

L/Sqt, Killed in action Sallopoli, 11.8.1915. 
HIGGINS Patrick b. Boyle, e.Boyle, (Boyle), 4354, Killed in 

action Salonika, 7.12.1915. 
HILLERY Hichael b. Ballinasloe, e.Ballinasloe,, ( Ballinasloe) 

8009, Pte, Died of wounds, F & F, 10.10.1918. 
KELLY Martin b./Ro5coiB»on, e.Boyle, (Rosconmon), 4932. Pte. 

Killed in action Salonika, 13.12.1915. 
KELLY Richard b.Athlone, e.- Galway, (Tipperary), 503, L.Sgt, 

Killed in action Gallopoli. 13.8.1915. 
KILROY Bernard b.Athlone, e. Galway, (Galway), 110, L.Sgt, Killed 

in action Salonkia, 7.12.1915. 
McCORMACK Thoias b.Athlone, e Galway, (Athlone), 608, Pte, Killed 

in, action Gallopoli, 22.8.1915. 

McDonald Patrick b.Elphin, e.Boyle, (Elphin), 2470, Pte, Killed 

in action Salonika, 7.12.1915. 

•STOKES Martin b. Boyle, e.Bere Island, Co. Cork, (Boyle, 

Co.RoscoMon), 5204, Killed in action F & F, 

TYRELL Bernard b.Clonakiller, Co.Roscoflaon, e.Athlone, 

ICornafulla, Co.Rosconion), 6350, Pte, Killed in 

action, F Jr F, 19.7.1916. 
MALSH Jaaes 6, St. Mary's, Co.Uestieath, e.Ballinasloe, 

lAthlone), 5752, Pte, Killed in action F h F, 

MARD Laurence b.Tuai, e.Ballinasloe, (Ballinasloe), 4191, Pte, 

Killed in action, F 4 F, 20.11.1917. 
WEST Frank b.Athlone, e.Ballinasloe, (Athlone), 6778, Pte, 

Killed in action, F i F, 15.8.1916. 

WYNNE Frank b. Boyle, e. Boyle, (Boyle), 9900, Killed in 

action, F fc F, 21.3.1918. 


Title k Author 


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Aray Records for Faiily £4.75. 

Historians. Sinon Fowler. 
ISBN 1 873162 04 9 
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ISBN 1 873162 06 5 

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